Love the Matisse brand and are looking to share your passion while making $$ doing so? Well, you're in the right place! We're thrilled to welcome our fans to join the Matisse affiliate program. Spread the word of Matisse across your social channels + earn commissions on sales referred!


How do affiliate programs work? 

We will provide links, images, and logos for Matisse Footwear for you to place on your website. All of these will link directly to the Matisse Footwear official site. We'll then pay you a percentage of all sales you refer to our site on a monthly basis.


How can I become a Matisse Footwear affiliate partner?

You must first be partnered through Pepperjam. It is free to join, and you can apply to join HERE.


Is my site eligible to become a Matisse Footwear affiliate?

We are very selective about the websites and partners we choose to work with. Applications are always reviewed on a case by case basis.


Is there a fee to be an affiliate?

It's free to join our affiliate network and you can cancel at any time.


Do you accept sites from outside of the United States?

Yes. We offer shipping to most international destinations, so we welcome international shoppers.


Will you promote my site?

No, currently we don't promote affiliate network sites.


Do I have to build an online store?

No, you can link to our site directly from a website, blog or mailing list.


How do I create links to Matisse Footwear?

Once you've been approved, log in to your account on Pepperjam. Once you are signed into the program, you can search for creatives in the "Joined Programs" section of the interface.


Can affiliate partners use the Matisse Footwear name and logo on my site?

Yes, but you are not authorized to alter our logos in any way. If you would like a logo in a size that we have not provided, please contact us directly to request new banner.


Can I include your products on my site?

Our data feed is available in the affiliate network.


What are my responsibilities as an affiliate partner of Matisse Footwear?

You're responsible for using approved links and placing them on your site. You must also follow the strict guidelines about our search & keyword policy.


What are Matisse Footwear's responsibilities?

We will provide you with the tools and support that you need to establish yourself as a successful affiliate partner. We also handle orders, shipping, billing, customer service, sales reporting, and paying your commissions to Pepperjam.


How are orders tracked and credited to my site?

All links from your site will fire a pixel  so that our system knows which visits and purchases come from you. Every time a customer comes to Matisse Footwear via your site and makes a purchase your account will be credited. Our program works from a 7-day cookie, so you will receive credit for orders placed in that time.


How much will I be paid?

Our standard rate is as high as 8%