Long before the first footprint on Earth, all we had were flowers.
Now there’s both, every step you go!


Los Angeles artist, Chance Cooper, is taking the canvas off his wall and hugging our shoes with it in Matisse’s latest collaboration.

Inspired by his paintings that can be interpreted in multiple directions, subtle variations are sprinkled throughout the whimsical motif making no two pairs the same and leaving the wearer with something solely unique.

The style comes alive through the playful pattern of flowers that extends an invitation to a garden party that seems to never end.

Luckily, with these kicks on you’ll never have to sneak in.

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About The Artist

Chance Cooper

As a kid, Chance Cooper grew up skipping from city to city, eventually finding himself with loose legs in Los Angeles - where he would be raised. Chance's artistic style has been molded by the memories of his life, forgotten and not. His work to date is recognized as a playground for his characters to perform their existential secrets. Chance often uses words and objects within his paintings to guide the viewer to a rabbit hole where they can jump in and create their own fling with the image, all while having their morality tested along the way. In many cases, each recurring visit to a piece will evoke a new dialogue within the mind of the observer, spawning endless narratives. His work celebrates the sacred art of storytelling and his paintings carry the feeling of a page torn from one’s life. With the appearance of a fictional fantasy, the skin of Chance's work is just a layer of what humans do so well of disguising - themselves.

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